Sunday, March 8, 2020

Boxing Podcast With Rafe Bartholomew

My guest on this episode is a staff writer covering the sport of boxing at The Athletic - Mr. Rafe Bartholomew.

We get into Rafe’s background as a native New Yorker and growing up around the famous NY bar McSorley’s. Also, his love and fascination with the Philippines and the sport of basketball, as well as his time at Grantland and his beloved newsletter, Respect Boxe. We also get into Wilder-Fury II, Garcia-Linares and preview Caleb Plant vs. Vincent Feigenbutz.

It was a Great conversation - hope you enjoy it.

This podcast is presented by The Ring.  I'm honored to be working with The Ring and my good friend, Doug Fischer, the Editor-in-Chief.  You can find the podcast on the website at

This podcast is distributed by the Leave It In The Ring podcast network.  The LIITR network also includes great podcasts by founder David Duenez, Johnny Sig and Evan Rutkowski.

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