Friday, February 16, 2018

Official Boxing Esq. World Boxing Ratings - February 2018

Presenting the February 2018 Boxing Esq. World Boxing Ratings.

MovementsHeavys – Kownacki moved up from 15 to 12 with win over KO win over Iago Kiladze.

Cruisers – Briedis moved up from 4 to 3 off strong performance vs. Usyk.  Dorticos moved up from 6 to 5 off of strong performance against Gassiev.  Glowacki moved down from 3 to 6 after poor performance vs. Serhiy Radchenko.

Welters – Peterson moved down from 9 to 10 after beating from Spence.  Mimoune moved from 16 at Welter to 12 at Jr. Welter.  Robinson moves up to 25.

Jr. Welters – Mimoune in at 12.  Saucedo from 25 to out.

Lights – Fortuna moves up from 9 to 8 off of strong showing vs. Easter.

Jr. Feathers – Emanuel Navarette up to 25.  Albert Pagara out.

Bantams – Ryo Akaho out due to retirement.  Suriyan Kaikanha in at 23.

Flys – Fuentes moved down from 10 to 13 after KO1 loss to Higa.

Jr. Flys – Moises Calleros moved from 23 at Jr. Fly to 13 at Straw due to pending title shot at 105.  Alexis Diaz in at 25.

Straws – Calleros in at 13.  Jerry Tomogdan moved from 22 to out after getting stopped in 5 by Pedro Taduran.  Taduran in at 23.  Xolisa Magusha moved from 25 to out.

Light Heavys, Super Middles, Middles, Jr. Middles, Jr. Lights, Feathers and Super Flys - NO CHANGES.

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