My Champion Clients

My Champion Clients
Clockwise from top left, Sam Soliman (the night he won the IBF Middleweight Title, May 31, 2014), Cory Spinks (the night he won the IBF Welterweight title, March 22, 2003), Paulie Malignaggi, myself, Johnny Bos and Jeffrey Resto (press conference NYC summer 2002).

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Boxing Podcast with former HBO Boxing Marketing Exec - Evan Rutkowski

My guest on this podcast is Evan Rutkowski, former manager of marketing strategy at HBO.  Evan is also the author of a great new podcast titled The Fistianados Podcast, where he gives his take on what television network executives are looking at when they survey the current fight scene.  We spoke in depth about Top Rank's deal on ESPN as well as the PBC's situation and why no network has picked up the WBSS.  It was a fun discussion - enjoy!

To check out Evan's podcast on the Leave It In The Ring Network at the following link -

Enjoy this podcast and for more Boxing Esq. podcasts, you can find them on Soundcloud at the below embed or subscribe on either iTunes or Stitcher.


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