Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Boxing Podcast With Eric Bottjer

My guest on this podcast is Matchroom Boxing matchmaker Eric Bottjer.  We talked about his journey in the sport and all of the promoters he's worked for including Johnny Bos, Dan Goossen, Cedric Kushner, Don King, Art Pellulo, Lou DiBella and Eddie Hearn.  We also talked about the art of matchmaking and his theory on how to develop fighters.  We also got into why there should be a boxing league and the PBC's missed opportunity with all that hedge fund money.  It was a great conversation - hope you enjoy!

To check out Eric's matchmaking (and fighting!) history in professional boxing go to this link at

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  1. This was an awesome interview if you're into the business side of boxing, or the history, or just listening to two dudes who know what they are talking about. Listening to a manager actually fight his fighter because he pulled him from an actual fight...that's NUTS!! And comparing the NFL to Boxing...and imagine if the Seattle Seahawks couldn't play the New Orleans Saints because they are on a different network shitty would that be for football fans...welcome to boxing. Make a league, get it done, we just need to separate $920m from another set of investors.


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