My Champion Clients

My Champion Clients
Clockwise from top left, Sam Soliman (the night he won the IBF Middleweight Title, May 31, 2014), Cory Spinks (the night he won the IBF Welterweight title, March 22, 2003), Paulie Malignaggi, myself, Johnny Bos and Jeffrey Resto (press conference NYC summer 2002).

Monday, December 17, 2018

Boxing Podcast Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

My guest on this podcast is Philadelphia Boxing Trainer and Writer - Stephen "Breadman" Edwards.  We talked about his origins in the sport, the Philadelphia boxing scene and what's next for his star fighter Julian "J-Rock" Williams.  We also discussed his outspoken views on the prevalence of PEDs in the sport.  It was a great conversation - hope you enjoy!

To get more of Breadman's thoughts on the sport you can check out his Daily Bread Mailbag column on  He's also on Twitter at @breadmanboxing.

This podcast is distributed by the Leave It In The Ring network.  I'm honored to join the LIITR network that includes podcasts by founder David Duenez, Gabriel Montoya and Evan Rutkowski.

You can still find this podcast and older Boxing Esq. podcasts on this blog and on Soundcloud or subscribe to the Boxing Esq. Podcast on either iTunes or Stitcher.  If you enjoy the podcasts, please leave a comment or rating, that would be greatly appreciated.  The podcast will appear on both the LIITR network of podcasts as well as under the Boxing Esq. Podcast name.

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